The goal of our Association for Integration and Social Development is, first of all, the development of free social services, support for people and groups in danger of being excluded. Aiding the development of the region. Supporting it’s resident’s initiatives. We want our activism to come from a grassroots initiative and we want it to integrate our society around shared goals.

The Association was created in 2016. It was created by people, who, in their field of work, often encounter other people’s needs, their difficulties and barriers which don’t allow them to function with dignity and peace. The Association is a response to various social problems. Both individual and group-based, or local. Our staff is made up of dynamic and well-educated people, who constantly deepen their knowledge. Among members of the Association  there are many specialists, that want to go further than their career and open themselves to the local community with passion. They are psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, economists, journalists, speech therapists. Thanks to this team, we can tackle any problem and subject interdisciplinarily. These words we hold close to our hearts: tolerance, respect, responsibility, awareness.


STOP HATE IN SCHOOL (from 2016 till now)– Psychological workshops for students of elementary schools and above, along with free consultations for teachers and parents.

THERAPEUTIC CAMP FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTHS- 2019 – The weeklong trip (24.08  to 31.08 2019)  had many attractions, that enabled the participants to rest and gain confidence in their abilities. Daily psychotherapeutic sessions, excursions, workshops, competitions, activities out in the field and at the location caused the children much joy and allowed them to chargé their batteries for a new school year.

BETTER TOMMOROW- Suport Center ( from 2018 till now)– For people affected by crimes, their families and loved ones, and also crime witnesses, we offer free psychological, legal and psychoterapeutic help.

THE OFFICE FOR GOOD CAUSES- ( open 2019)  Our Association has opened a volunteer club, with elements of sociotherapy for children and youths in Lubin and it’s surrounding area.